Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Converge Perceptions and Expand Awareness in Collaborations

The basic design of our society is first to aggregate our individual power in a strong singular voice we call our government and second, to progress our living systems in an economic power we call our business.  Perhaps there will always be gaps in the implementation of our ideals, hence our desire to form non-business and non-government organizations to help move our world into the right direction.

The NGOs is our inherent fail-safe systems but they are less structured than our government and business organizations.  NGO's are born out of our diversity and it is being enabled by the power and influence that we earn from putting up our economic systems.  It's core power also emanates from our human power to love, hope and trust. 

Hence the challenge today can also be looked at as the challenge of collaborations.  Collaborations to expand our awareness to such an extent that it touches other people's perception and converges into our own.  That is if we keep an open mind and an open heart to understand and to care for one another.   We may find some  meaning and ease in complaining and blaming but in the end all that is more worthwhile and meaningful are the steps we take to go beyond our comfort zone and realize that we are truly united.   All the ideals and principles that we are truly proud of speaks in the universal language of love, hope and trust in a system that is empowered my freedom, justice and truth.

There should be no debate about the truths in our lives.  Not in the wisdom of our faiths nor the truth of science.  Science is pervasive and it can explain a lot of things but not everything.  To relegate the primacy of science like a religion would fall into the same fallacy of ascribing it's undefined greatness into our limited perceptions like religious people ascribe the great power of our God into our limited perceptions.

It is easy to characterize our problems as a prophetic or evolutionary process.  The real challenge is to ignite our hearts and minds to transform our personal world and the systems of our global world.  Today is the day to converge our perceptions.  Today is the day to expand our consciousness with the power of our expanding collaborations.  Today is the day to build our legacy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

TED, NDE, Open Heart & Mind and Our Fundamental Unity

One characteristic of this blog is that it is a work in progress to refine and expound a universal worldview that can take any belief system, convictions, problem or it's huge promise - any information, and help us see the relevance, meaning and significance of any information, expressed in simple ideas, and wield it as the power to transform our world.  To transform our world into a more just and sustainable global home.

My belief system and your belief system or principles and convictions is the perspective that you and I  believe can transform our world but our diverse society, in order for it to strongly progress needs to be more aware of the fundamental unity that we all have.  This fundamental unity can be made more strong and apparent when we define it in a "universal" language that avoids bias and prejudice arising from our perceptions that other belief systems and cultures are different and are invading or converting our own belief system.  Our own perspective has wisdom and truth when it can take any other perspective and see its translation into our own, realizing our fundamental unity.

If you and I want to truly see this universal worldview, what our true freedom shows is that we can open our hearts and minds to any ideas that we perceive to be different or contradictory to our own set of principles and see how it translates into our own and realize that we do all have a universal worldview. The only difference is we express it in our diverse cultures and language.  When we open our hearts and minds to care and understand, the hope and promise is we will see this universal worldview.

The essence of the belief system that I have grown into and the NDE which I would call the"anomaly" of all belief systems (belief systems being only based on "faith") and non-theist convictions (the anomaly of scientific evidence of higher dimensions) has so far shown me our fundamental unity.

This what I call "universal perspective" has given me consistencies and meaning to any TED talk, news or any information that I have encountered so far.

This is the basis of my intuition that we can transform our world, if we all keep an open mind to understand and an open heart to care, and translate all these into concrete actions.

Here are some of the links to TED conversations that shows in one way or another our fundamental unity.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Energize Our Routines and Transform Our World

To energize our routines, we ignite our hearts and minds!

There are many ways to do it or in special cases, it simply happens to us.  What many great people suggest are these:  We clear our mind of our current concerns and worries, we go to a secluded location (a quiet room or place) or see a very comforting sight (looking at our sleeping loved ones, the ocean, the meadows, the marvels of science and our universe,  etc.) then we summon, recall or feel empowered, or as a believer ask God's tremendous enlightenment of the true essence of our existence, our deep humanism, our drive to right the wrong around us;

Or read the autobiographies of great people or their TED talks and get inspired; and for some people from the daily mundane or sometimes tragic events of our lives to rise above it and feel empowered and inspired to embark on a mission; or watch an inspiring show or movie; and many other ways we can think of ...

In the same breath, we look at the problems around us and around the world and allow ourselves to be ignited by our aspirations and our ideals that will enable us to focus and contribute our current capabilities or further improve our abilities.  We contribute our pursuits to the lives of others and to our world which fulfill its true meaning in selfless service and impeccable humanism.

It's a total transforming paradigm. All our little worries and concerns can vanish and we can see the more important matters in life.  We will see our families and the world around us in a new perspective that can literally transform ourselves, our family, our community, and our global home that is now desperately crying for help.

The only limit to our great potential is the limiting belief we have of ourselves or the limiting opinion of others that we may be unknowingly consenting to.  In certain situations, we may need also to escape from the trap of our righteous minds living in the comfort our own groups that may have been blinding us from the truth of our mutual interests.  If our own righteous words or identity is causing bias and impairing our cooperation, then we may need to take a universal identity and a new language for our mutual interests.

There is a great dynamism in our true inner worth and capabilities, our struggles, our failures and our successes and the achievement of our greatest potential that makes our lives a great adventure.  This great adventure of life gives us the opportunity to carve our names and our deeds as a true and lasting legacy to our world and to our children!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Second Option. Today is the Moment to Build Our True legacy

We acquire wealth first of all to fill our basic needs and rights - food, shelter, education, healthcare and security.  We gain power and influence from the system of government and business that we put up, primarily to take care of everybody.  Today we are not taking care of everybody and our planet and these are our problems.

The Second Option

We have two options.  The First Option is we maintain or continue to increase our wealth and power and make sure we are provided with our basic rights and security, be happy within our family circle, friends, community or nation.  The Second Option is we use the power of our wealth and influence and carve our names in the legacy of our transformed happy world.

We are humans and it is without question that we choose the second option.  But sometimes questions and confusions linger and we choose to be comforted in the lure of the first option.  We may need to clarify our roles, our system and our ultimate goal to be truly happy.

Our Roles and our Powers

The role of the system of government and business as empowered by people is to take care of everybody.  The main role of our educational institutions is to enable the system to function and function more effectively and efficiently.  The main role of our cultural institutions is to preserve and enhance our core powers to love, hope and trust, and in faith cultures, alongside the goal of bringing our souls into the paradise.

We look at our jobs today and we realize that they are all important because no matter how insignificant we think it is, it is contributing in this order of roles.  When we don't realize the importance of our individual jobs, we contribute to our problems.  We don't have to.  Our jobs are always meaningful.  We can even take simultaneous different roles to make our world a better place to live.  The most important work that we can also do today is exercising the power of our wealth and influence to right our planet.

The power of our hearts and minds to love, hope and trust are the principles that makes us happy.  Our power to love, hope and trust is also our power to make our system function in the principles of freedom, justice and truth.

Today even the first option does not seem to work well in our developed nations.  We have missed  the need for more caring and content citizens - needs that deal with the essential dynamics of our heart, our love, our happiness and ultimately our minds.  Needs that when met, will channel our resources to help transform our nation and our world.

We choose the Second Option to Transform Our World

Today we have the opportunity to invest our wealth, power and influence to enhance our power to love, hope and trust and strengthen our systems.  Today is our chance to carve our names in the legacy of a just and happy world.

In the years ahead, we need to help escalate the power of the minds and hearts of 9 billion earth citizens making our planet ready to engage other solar systems beyond our 9 billion mile boundary and expand our global family into our galaxy and into our universe.

Within nations and our world, we need to help translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world. Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our minds and together we transform our world.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Power of Simple Ideas to Transform our World

Confusion, unnecessary debates and arguments, cultural battles, disharmony, fragmentation, ineffectiveness, inefficiencies.  This is the net result of ideas and philosophies that needs to be translated and grounded in simple ideas that most people can understand, find meaning, relevance, enlightenment, harmony, unity, effectiveness and efficiencies.

Our Current Reality

We think to understand our world and we care to keep our world happily living in a society we all share.  We have the freedom of our cultural diversity enabled by our singular voice we call our government.

Our government is strengthened by justice and truth; guaranteeing our rights primarily provided by business who take from mother earth and provide for our needs.

Our reality today is a problem to many people, hence our desire to make it right.  We make it right by simply putting the principles to work - improve and increase understanding, elevate the power of our hearts to care and bring real happiness, and we make the government-business system to work right.

Is our Government complicated?

It is complex within its inner workings yet it works in a simple formula.  We the people live and socialize and in order for us to do this in large scale, we empower a government to ensure  that we are all happily living and socializing.  We empower the business and economy that makes it all possible in an earth-sustainably way.

We have attempted in our history to make the system (government-business) work and it had produced tainted concepts like communism, socialism, totalitarianism and even capitalism.  We attempted to use different equations but the basic formula is still the same.

Could Capitalism and Democracy work?

Capitalism and democracy is now our main system because this is the system that most closely resemble our human condition.  In this system we have the freedom to be happy and differ and produce the best ideas to progress our world, maintained by the principles of justice and truth.

Today even capitalism and democracy are being tainted by its failures.  But the failure is the result of failed implementation and not the principles.  The current profit model of our business does not work with our limited resources that is why we need to reformulate it to include equitability (in basic rights) and earth-sustainability.  We have to understand too that the rise of economic and political power is relevant  also in providing global security and stability and I think the developed nations are providing that today.

Achieving the Reality that We All Need

The developed nations have spearheaded a lot of our systemic progress but it is also showing signs of weakness because these nations have somehow deviated from the principles and failed to stimulate one key power that can transform our world.  We have missed  the need for more caring and content citizens - needs that deal with the essential dynamics of our heart, our love, our happiness and ultimately our minds. 

This is why today we need to translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.  Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and together we transform our world.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Challenge of Voyager: A Global Worldview to Rule our Nations

Recently, our space explorer the Voyager has just reported back that it is now crossing the last frontier of our solar system.  We are excited to have discovered that our solar system is being protected by a mesh of magnetic bubbles.  Our space missions are also delivering messages that we exist in this lonely corner of Orion Belt, orbiting around our Milky Way Galaxy.

If an alien were to discover us today, how will they reckon the state and power of our planet?  Obviously our capabilities are centuries away in enabling us to engage possible alien neighbors.  Many of us are not yet stepping out of our own worldview and recognize that we can have a common global worldview that can co-exist, progress and made strong by the dynamics of our diverse society, our diverse worldviews.

As scientists, do we have to abandon our religious beliefs if it can also harness our undefined power to love and hope?  Do we have to debate God's existence when all that matter is our shared concern for all people and our planet and that we can avoid the extreme power of our faith to harm other people (which is contrary to what God would have wanted for all his creation!)  Can we have a singular worldview that defines our common interests in a common language that deters personal bias?  Can we have singular worldview that can take any belief, any issue, any problem, any solution, any concern and see the meaning and relevance of all these and avoid many confusion and disharmony that plague us today?

Yes we can!  Americans have heard this before and it is indeed the deciding the power of our free nations as we see the growing worldview of independents powered by love, hope and clear scientific insights.  But much work still need to be done.  Many of us are still trapped in our personal prison and the prison of our own worldview.  We need to break out of our own paradigms and empower a greater paradigm that will move our world and make us ready to face other worlds that lie beyond our solar frontier. 

In the years ahead, we need to help escalate the power of the minds and hearts of 9 billion earth citizens making our planet ready to engage other solar systems beyond our 9 billion mile boundary and expand our global family into our galaxy and into our universe.

This is why today we need to translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.  Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and together we transform our world.

Discussed in TED Conversations.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The State of Our World

The list of intergovernmental initiatives in which progress is halting or stalled outright is dismayingly long, including but not limited to:

United Nations climate change negotiations
World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda
Millennium Development Goal funding
G20 financial supervision reforms
Non-Proliferation Treaty reforms
UN Security Council reform
Bretton Woods institution voting reform
Macroeconomic cooperation to redress global economic imbalances

The world has paid a severe price for its complacency about systemic financial and macroeconomic risks that were well publicized but nevertheless allowed to accumulate for too long. Many other serious global risks are accumulating, awaiting a proactive cooperative response.

We live in a diverse society and naturally we cannot avoid the debates on the reasons and solutions to our big problems.  Our problems are so critical that many scientists seem to think only of scientific solutions.  Our spiritual leaders seems knowledgeable of the reasons but seems ineffective in implementing the right principles.  Our leaders are grappling for solutions seeming befuddled with the gargantuan systems that are evidently not working.  Meanwhile the enterprising spirit of our business is marching on seeming unconcerned with our people and earth in danger.  

In all we're not totally hopeless.  Our leaders still see our situation with great hope and optimism and we did achieve significant success from the previous state of our world in the past decades.  Our world is living in relative peace and that only means that we also did right in many ways somehow.  Many of our leaders are now sincerely working and looking for solutions and we are indeed making progress. 

Still, many of us remain worried when many leaders and scientists see also that we are still facing great risks that's why I believe that more efforts to right our planet can always be helpful.

We bring the power of our minds to bear on the problems nonetheless but is the power of our minds enough to solve our problems?   Why does the progress of many our intergovernmental initiatives is halting or stalled?  Is it not about time to bring the power of our hearts no matter how little it is scientifically understood?  Is it not about time our spiritual leaders who seem to be the experts on the moral science of our hearts help mobilize more people to make our system of government and businesses work right? (,

I believe we need the power of our hearts and minds to effectively transform our world.   We need to translate the power of our beliefs and scientific convictions into a common language of our common interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Focusing on Climate Change. Population will peak at 9 billion in 2050.

According to Dr. Hans Rosling, an expert statistician, in a TED Conversation thread (excerpts):

1.  "We face many environmental challenges, but the foremost is the risk for a severe climate change due to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

I meet so many that think population growth is a major problem in regard to climate change. But the number of children born per year in the world has stopped growing since 1990. The total number of children below 15 years of age in the world are now relatively stable around 2 billion. The populations with an increasing amount of children born are fully compensated by other populations with a decreasing number of children born. A final increase of 2 billion people is expected until the world population peaks at about 9 billion in 2050. But the increase with 2 billion is comprised by already existing persons growing up to become adults, and old people like me (+60 years). So when I hear people saying that population growth has to be stopped before reaching 9 billion, I get really scared, because the only way to achieve that is by killing.

So the addition of another 2 billion in number constitutes a final increase of less than 30%, and it is inevitable. Beyond 2050 the world population may start to decrease if women across the world will have, on average, less than 2 children. But that decrease will be slow.

So the fact is that we have to plan for a common life on Earth with 7-9 billion fellow human beings, and the environmental challenge must be met by a more effective use of energy and a much more green production of energy.

The only thing that can change this is if the last 1-2 poorest billion do not get access to school, electricity, basic health services and family planning. Only if the horror of poverty remains will we become more than 9 billion.

So my question is: Are these facts known? If not, why?

It is important because placing emphasis on population diverts attention from what has to be done to limit the climate crisis."

2.  "The population growth we expect in the next 40 years are adults and old people that are already born. They will replace an earlier generation that was smaller, but the number of children born per year has already stopped growing since 20 years back.

So how would you avoid the final increase with 2 billion more. I can only see to options forcing 1 child policy upon young couples ... We should see it to that all have access to family planning, as an estimate 30 million of the children born each year are estimated to be unplanned. But 30 million per year is 300 million per decade and about a billion until 2050 so indeed with Utopian success in family planning we can avoid one of the two extra billion. But what more can we do? Already are 40 million abortions done per year. And had that not been the case during the last generation we would have been one more billion now. So the worlds women are already doing more abortions than they are giving births to unplanned children
."  (,

Is it easier to foucs on the population than the thorny issue of climate change because the latter is embedded in our economic systems?  But are we also aware that missing our climate change targets will cause more problems to our planet and to the population?

Can we take a look back and see that we, the people empower the system of government and business that is supposed to take care of everybody and our planet?  We empower our institutions and we work in this institutions but why don't we all get in return our basic rights and a healthy planet?   

What part of our solutions need more effort?

Solution 1.  Resolve crisis and global risks that may further weaken our world.  (UN MDG (, WEF Risks Response Network (, UN climate change conference, key nation's influence on global security and stability, etc.)

Solution 2.  Transformation of our economic systems into an equitable and earth-sustainable economic model. (WEF Global Redesign Initiative, businesses and governments, NGOs)

Solution 3Formulation and implementation of global transformation strategies of our industries. (WEF, businesses and governments, NGOs)
Solution 4.  Information campaigns to bring more awareness to people and strengthen our political resolve.:
                              -  more participation in our electoral process and constant dialog with our political representatives
                              -  social networks (, Facebook, etc.)
                              -  political and economic information and social network system to strengthen transparency and accountability

Solution 5.  Information campaigns to bring more awareness to what we can contribute individually, locally or as a nation (, carbon footprint awareness,  influence of our buying habits, etc.).

We also need an information system for solution and reform activities and see our progress and identify activities that needs more effort.
The premise of this website is to spearhead two key solutions that will help improve understanding,  cooperation and our power to transform and leave our true legacy: (1)  translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world and (2) we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and help transform our world (, etc.)

This is the challenge to leave our mark and our legacy in this troubled world.  We take stock of our current power and influence and see what part of our solutions we can push and together we shall transform our world and leave a lasting and happy legacy for our children.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love Conquers Vulnerabilities, Today We Give Real Love and Transform Our World

We know how powerful love is.  I think real love and happiness is a pre-requisite in order to handle vulnerability otherwise we fall into hurt helplessness.

It is not easy to give love when we don't first love ourselves. I believe we can trust ourselves and build our confidence first by separating our core identity as someone of great worth (conscious human being or our belief as God's children), great intellect and good will and our external identities (the way we look, career or skills and reputation). We recognize and affirm our own core nature and that of others - a deep respect and deep love. As we move forward in our lives and relationships, we recognize, we appreciate, we encourage our accomplishments and the accomplishments of others.

We give real love, a love that is given without conditions and the only reason is we want the other person to be happy. Once we give love with conditions, it's not real love, it's transactional, there is no net worth and our expectations of receiving something causes frustrations and anger. The love wanes once the condition for giving and receiving love is gone.

I believe our heart is meant to love and our love is meant to make others happy. When our hearts are loving and we are deeply happy, our minds are also more inspired and it all cause us to trust and hope more. When we misuse our heart and our love, we break the very resource of our happiness, it brings out our weaknesses.

The power of our loving energized hearts is what I believe will transform our world. Our love needs to expand because our heart is not meant to be selfish.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Transforming our Nations

I sincerely admire and appreciate the care and concern that many citizens are devoting to their nation.  I wish there is an easy solution for bringing justice and peace to our countries but with my current understanding let me contribute some ideas.  The constitution is supposed to be the fundamental law of the land and thus is the basis for running the government.   Unfortunately, some citizens don't agree or are ambivalent to the constitution and are sometimes contributing more problems.  Maybe it's possible to set aside the differences and concentrate on common interests like the need of all people to live in freedom, justice and peace.  I believe a civil dialog could result in arriving at more common ideas that can strengthen national resolve. 

We start with the basic needs and rights - food, shelter, education, work and security.  What are other common interests and rules?  Obviously nobody wants war and violence.  Can all people agree to not use violence?  Can people agree on common national or spiritual identities,  agree to have a civil discussion and work on common and basic interests?,  Agree that force will only be used to protect the people from violence and from people's weaknesses?
Can people agree on the concept of a government as the central structure and voice of all nationals whose only function is to guarantee the basic needs and rights.  Can people agree to encourage each other to participate in electing leaders and make sure they implement the mandates and are held to account on their responsibilities.  Agree that the businesses that are empowered and regulated will take care all citizens?

In doing all these, we exercise our two basic faculties - our minds and our hearts.  There is no question about the role of our faith as long as we continue to let it empower us to strive for our common needs and rights.  What I believe though as the fundamental resource of our empowerment is our hearts.  We let our faiths and convictions empower it and 'energize' it - make our hearts a very caring and loving heart.  Our loving hearts will in turn help inspire our minds to work for our common needs.  We care and love our family the same way we care and love our national family.

Most people today I believe can see the fundamental role of our hearts and minds in our lives.  There seems to be a fundamental rule on how our hearts , our love and our happiness are essentially connected.  I believe that our heart is meant to love and our love is meant to bring happiness to one another.  It's a cycle of love going around and hearts being loved and happy, and minds inspired - hoping and trusting.  Minds that are innovating, reinventing and working for our common needs.  We look at our world today, any nation, any family and we can see that the problems that we have today is the fundamental result of our heart and our love, our happiness and our minds being misused in ways that it's not meant to be used.  The true essence of our faiths and convictions will tell us this.

The emerging nations might ask, will this nation will look like the other nations with many social ills because the system has some similarities?  Not when the fundamental reasons are understood.  We study and learn how other nations fail and avoid the pitfalls.  The nation may seem like it's just starting to stand on its own today but I believe it is necessary for it to go through our debates and cooperation, our sacrifices, before things can get better.  I believe there can be an inherent harmony between a peaceful earthly life and the essence of our faiths or convictions.

How do we improve our cooperation in solving our problems?

I think we should present our identity in a way that contributes to the formulation of our common goals and solutions to personal and world problems.

In our physical and personal interactions, we start with our core identities: we are a person of great worth (conscious human being), great intellect and good will. We affirm this to ourselves and to each other - this provides a strong foundation of our true respect, identity and worth. The difference between our core identities and what I call our external identities (educational level or skill level and reputation and integrity) provides opportunities for extending appreciation and encouragement to reach our greatest potential.

In the professional and work level, I believe we should avoid identities that cause other people to form a bias or wrong perception, specially in deverse groups and maybe less so within like-minded peers. We translate our 'controversial' identities (like God believers or non-believers) - our convictions in the language of our common interests and solutions. I believe this will greatly enhance our cooperation and success.