Key Power

Our key power is in the deep nature of our hearts to care for one another.  Our care and love is expounded by the power of our minds to understand our true identity and true happiness.  True happinness is made possible by true love.  Our true love and inspired minds are the key in transforming our world.

Our True Identity and Our True Happiness

First we have to understand our true identity.  We start with our core identities: we are a person of great worth (conscious human being (or God's child, as many of us believe), we have great intellect and good will. We affirm this to ourselves and to each other - this is the basis of our deep respect, deep love, moral sense and strong self-confidence.

As we live our lives and move on with our relationships,  these moments, usually mundane, are opportunities for extending appreciation and encouragement to deepen further our love and happiness and to inspire us to reach our greatest potential.  We take interest and notice any improvement of what I call our external identities (our looks, education, skill level and reputation or integrity).  We appreciate and inspire each other to achieve the great potential of our core identities.

We look at the other person in the eye and affirm this person's core identity, we appreciate, we encourage and we express our love.  We give our love and appreciation without any condition except that we want this person to be happy.  We pause, we talk clearly and slowly, we hug, kiss, shake hands, we make them feel the warmth of our love.  We look for appropriate moments and appropriate response, sometimes our smile, a simple note, few words or a simple gesture is enough.

The key here is we act, we give our love.  We don't wait for the other person,  or when we feel better.  We start giving love,  we ignite all hearts we encounter and we will see it spread around like wildfire.

Some of us might be in unique situations where it is not easy to give our love or even receive love.  We may need to escape from the wrong opinion of ourselves.  We may think or consent to what other people think that our current external identity is the basis of our self-worth.  Far from it. In this case, we first make sure that we love ourselves.  We look at ourselves in the mirror and do the same process.  It may sound crazy but remember, we are at the verge of breaking our limiting paradigm and it may take few attempts to get out of this invisible prison.

The Dynamics of our Love and Happiness

True love also is loving one another the way our heart is designed to love and the way our love is designed to make us deeply happy.

When our heart is used other than to love another person (we love things, or we hate), we have big problems and we are not happy.

When our love is used other than to make other hearts happy (we love with conditions, we are buying our love, love is transactional, no net worth, love is temporary - there is no real love), we have problems and we are not truly happy.

When our heart is unloved and unhappy, we have problems. (we don't want to be sad, we buy our happiness).

When we stop loving altogether, we have big problems (we don't care, we are selfish).

When our heart and our love is misused, we are not happy and it brings out our weaknesses - we don't care, we can lie, we can steal and we can destroy.

Strong Purpose and Clear Vision

Understanding this key power is a deep understanding of ourselves and others.  If we have not yet done so, we summon the deep convictions of our upbringing or the examples of great people (read their autobiographies or see their TED talks) then see the state of our world around us or around the world and call that strong passion and vision that will help transform ourselves and our world.  This strong purpose and vision gives us great courage and inspiration and will transcend all the little worries of our lives and devote more of our energy to bring real happiness to ourselves and to our world.

The Key to Transforming Our World

This is why our heart and our mind is the key.  Our need to be deeply happy is the unseen human need that is as essential as water and air.  When we harness our true love and happiness and our true purpose and vision, our energized hearts and minds will transform our personal lives, our family, community, our nation and our global home.  I believe our world is barely surviving with just enough energized hearts and minds.  We need to energize more to effectively and efficiently make our systems work and transform our world.

We don't have to be sad, we don't have to be weak.  We have our love, we have our relationships, we have our family, relatives and friends.  Our global family needs help. 

We start giving our love, we start energizing hearts, we start inspiring minds.  We have the power to hope and trust.  We have the power to discover and innovate.  We have the power to transform our world.


  1. Dear Joe,

    I have read a big part of your blog, and I will try to address what I saw in it.

    Some of these ideas are truths, for example the fact that human beings are noble by nature and divine heritage, that the persona people mistake with themselves is not their true identity. You are right that people can find joy, happiness and fulfillment in relationships. You are right that love and the heart is the key. These are some basic truths in which everyone agrees in the heart. And these are the truths to build on. It matters what we believe in, and it matter for what we believe in to be true. This I agree on fully.

    Most of your other ideas though are ideas only. You are enthusiastic in spreading them. Maybe your enthusiasm can be taken over from you by others. Maybe your idealism can help people believe in the possibility of better world. But without the love that is substantial, it all stays in the realms of ideas only. And you can’t eat ideas.

    Real love is for others. Love is making other people feel loved and cared for, and those things change all the time for each and every one. If you don’t pay close attention to the needs of others in real time (especially in the emotional terms), you can end up giving a person a warm blanket in the middle of the summer, so to speak. Well, thanks for the gift, but why did you think I need it? Sometimes people need a kiss, sometimes they need a kick, and sometimes they need a tissue because they just sneezed. Love can be described as the readiness for others, attention and willingness to be there for them and meet their needs. For others to feel loved one needs to be tuned to them, and respond to them. Ideas are actually standing in the way of seeing what is really needed in a given situation.

    Without real attention to other people, being more energized is not being more loving, it is just getting hyped-up on something. It is madness, not love.


  2. Thank you my dear Eva for understanding my ideas. Since we don't know each other yet personally, it seems that all I have so far is ideas and you are right when you said that ideas alone is not sufficient. As you noted that ideas are actually standing in the way in our real-time response to love and care for one another, it is precisely my hope that presenting clear ideas can help clear the way. I may not always be clear to all people but I'm learning also as I go along.

    Perhaps there's a better word for "energized hearts and minds". I may have been trying to sound naively scientific but all I meant is expounding our great capacities to understand and love. Love as you duly noted, that pays close attention first to ourselves, our family, our friends then with all its great impact towards all our brothers and sisters in this world.

    If you can see me as madly in love with you and also as madly in love with all our brothers and sisters of this world, then I'm glad to suffer this verdict.