Our nations and our world has many problems. (,,, etc.)  This is the summary of our solutions that I think we are all trying to implement.  A lot of collaboration from business, government and leaders of our institutions (educational and cultural) are contributing their solutions like the work of WEF ( and of course the UN, key nations and NGOs.  We apply our solutions both from the top (leaders) and from the bottom (people) and accelerate our transformation:

Solution 1.  Resolve crisis and global risks that may further weaken our world.  (UN MDG (, WEF Risks Response Network (, UN climate change conference, key nation's influence on global security and stability, etc.)

Solution 2.  Transformation of our economic systems into an equitable and earth-sustainable economic model. (WEF Global Redesign Initiative, businesses and governments, NGOs)

Solution 3Formulation and implementation of global transformation strategies of our industries. (WEF, businesses and governments, NGOs)
Solution 4.  Information campaigns to bring more awareness to people and strengthen our political resolve.:
                              -  more participation in our electoral process and constant dialog with our political representatives
                              -  social networks (, Facebook, etc.)
                              -  political and economic information and social network system to strengthen transparency and accountability

Solution 5.  Information campaigns to bring more awareness to what we can contribute individually, locally or as a nation (, carbon footprint awareness,  influence of our buying habits, etc.).

We also need an information system for these solutions and reform activities and see our progress and identify activities that needs more effort.

The premise of this website is to spearhead two key solutions that will help improve understanding,  cooperation and our power to transform and leave our true legacy: (1)  translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world and (2) we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and help transform our world (, international forums, etc.)

This is the challenge to leave our mark and our legacy in this troubled world.  We take stock of our current power and influence and see what part of our solutions we can push and together we shall transform our world and leave a lasting and happy legacy for our children.

A Call to Action

We call all:

Leaders and digital experts to develop a global social and information system platform to track, guide and influence our progress in transforming our world.

Artists, activists and journalists to unite and bring awareness to our powers to transform our world and leave a lasting legacy.

Media professionals like movie makers, tv producers, stage actors and youtubers to augment our powers to love,  hope and trust and also our powers to strengthen our system with freedom, justice and truth. 

Scientists to unlock the great potential of inter-molecular and quantum forces, expand our space explorations and translate these discoveries into practical inventions and innovations to improve our lives and our systems.

Law enforcers, military and law practitioners to keep our global family safe and contribute in a more just structure of our societies.

Educators to teach word-class education and also our key powers and contribute in transforming our world.

Spiritual and cultural leaders to strengthen our powers to love, hope and trust and unite for one global family.

Parents and foster parents - fathers, mothers: you provide a very powerful and foundational impact to our world by showering your children with you loving care, good example and education.

Students to learn world-class and moral education and see our roles in transforming our world and in the vision of a transformed happy world.

Engineers and workers to continue turning the wheels of the industries and contribute in reinvention and innovation of our systems.

Health practitioners to  continually care for our sick fellow earth citizens and contribute in discovering effective and efficient ways to bring healthcare to all people.

Leaders, economists and finance specialists to develop an equitable and sustainable global economic system.

Leaders and entities to transform our systems into an equitable global economy.

We ignite and amplify the power of our purpose and vision and summon all these roles within us, enhance our power to love, inspire and care and transform our lives and our world. 

We call all nations translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.

We call all earth citizens to care and inspire the person next to us and together we transform our world.  We carve our names and leave a lasting legacy in this transforming world and see the clear vision of a transformed happy world for our children!


  1. You've put a lot of thought into this manifesto, Joe. You're to be congratulated.

    I've tried to start several peace movements myself over the last few years with little success.

    Getting people to participate is the difficult part of the exercise.

    I hope you have more luck than I did!

  2. David,
    "Never give up. Never surrender." Each day that you are still above ground, you can set the example of how people at peace will treat each other. As Gandhi told us, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. You are far from alone. Many more of us are setting the example and raising awareness that we have to evolve into the humans that are able to live in true peace.

    My own movement focuses on how we treat each other on the road. My mantra: "Road Peace is a milestone on the road to World Peace."

    Getting others to participate may not be so hard as we believe. They aren't all going to tell us, and we can't always tell who has been moved by our efforts. We simply need to have faith that, so long as we continue to live in peace, we are contributing to peace.

    Thank you, DelsenJoe, for your efforts. I just got here, so haven't read all your writings. Will comment more, later. Meanwhile, you might add another resource,

  3. Thank you David and Earl for your encouraging words.

    Road peace indeed is one important way in understanding world peace. We drive on the road with enormous trust that we have for each other. Sure the basic mindset in driving is self-preservation but that's too close to negativity and rage.

    When we drive with the outlook of great care and trust for each other, there would be greater hope in accelerating our transformation and transition efforts to move our world into a more just and sustainable global home.

    Thank you Earl also for the link. I've been looking into collaborative sites and it looks like is a great one!