Monday, June 6, 2011

Transforming our Nations

I sincerely admire and appreciate the care and concern that many citizens are devoting to their nation.  I wish there is an easy solution for bringing justice and peace to our countries but with my current understanding let me contribute some ideas.  The constitution is supposed to be the fundamental law of the land and thus is the basis for running the government.   Unfortunately, some citizens don't agree or are ambivalent to the constitution and are sometimes contributing more problems.  Maybe it's possible to set aside the differences and concentrate on common interests like the need of all people to live in freedom, justice and peace.  I believe a civil dialog could result in arriving at more common ideas that can strengthen national resolve. 

We start with the basic needs and rights - food, shelter, education, work and security.  What are other common interests and rules?  Obviously nobody wants war and violence.  Can all people agree to not use violence?  Can people agree on common national or spiritual identities,  agree to have a civil discussion and work on common and basic interests?,  Agree that force will only be used to protect the people from violence and from people's weaknesses?
Can people agree on the concept of a government as the central structure and voice of all nationals whose only function is to guarantee the basic needs and rights.  Can people agree to encourage each other to participate in electing leaders and make sure they implement the mandates and are held to account on their responsibilities.  Agree that the businesses that are empowered and regulated will take care all citizens?

In doing all these, we exercise our two basic faculties - our minds and our hearts.  There is no question about the role of our faith as long as we continue to let it empower us to strive for our common needs and rights.  What I believe though as the fundamental resource of our empowerment is our hearts.  We let our faiths and convictions empower it and 'energize' it - make our hearts a very caring and loving heart.  Our loving hearts will in turn help inspire our minds to work for our common needs.  We care and love our family the same way we care and love our national family.

Most people today I believe can see the fundamental role of our hearts and minds in our lives.  There seems to be a fundamental rule on how our hearts , our love and our happiness are essentially connected.  I believe that our heart is meant to love and our love is meant to bring happiness to one another.  It's a cycle of love going around and hearts being loved and happy, and minds inspired - hoping and trusting.  Minds that are innovating, reinventing and working for our common needs.  We look at our world today, any nation, any family and we can see that the problems that we have today is the fundamental result of our heart and our love, our happiness and our minds being misused in ways that it's not meant to be used.  The true essence of our faiths and convictions will tell us this.

The emerging nations might ask, will this nation will look like the other nations with many social ills because the system has some similarities?  Not when the fundamental reasons are understood.  We study and learn how other nations fail and avoid the pitfalls.  The nation may seem like it's just starting to stand on its own today but I believe it is necessary for it to go through our debates and cooperation, our sacrifices, before things can get better.  I believe there can be an inherent harmony between a peaceful earthly life and the essence of our faiths or convictions.

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