Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love Conquers Vulnerabilities, Today We Give Real Love and Transform Our World

We know how powerful love is.  I think real love and happiness is a pre-requisite in order to handle vulnerability otherwise we fall into hurt helplessness.

It is not easy to give love when we don't first love ourselves. I believe we can trust ourselves and build our confidence first by separating our core identity as someone of great worth (conscious human being or our belief as God's children), great intellect and good will and our external identities (the way we look, career or skills and reputation). We recognize and affirm our own core nature and that of others - a deep respect and deep love. As we move forward in our lives and relationships, we recognize, we appreciate, we encourage our accomplishments and the accomplishments of others.

We give real love, a love that is given without conditions and the only reason is we want the other person to be happy. Once we give love with conditions, it's not real love, it's transactional, there is no net worth and our expectations of receiving something causes frustrations and anger. The love wanes once the condition for giving and receiving love is gone.

I believe our heart is meant to love and our love is meant to make others happy. When our hearts are loving and we are deeply happy, our minds are also more inspired and it all cause us to trust and hope more. When we misuse our heart and our love, we break the very resource of our happiness, it brings out our weaknesses.

The power of our loving energized hearts is what I believe will transform our world. Our love needs to expand because our heart is not meant to be selfish.


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