Friday, July 29, 2011

TED, NDE, Open Heart & Mind and Our Fundamental Unity

One characteristic of this blog is that it is a work in progress to refine and expound a universal worldview that can take any belief system, convictions, problem or it's huge promise - any information, and help us see the relevance, meaning and significance of any information, expressed in simple ideas, and wield it as the power to transform our world.  To transform our world into a more just and sustainable global home.

My belief system and your belief system or principles and convictions is the perspective that you and I  believe can transform our world but our diverse society, in order for it to strongly progress needs to be more aware of the fundamental unity that we all have.  This fundamental unity can be made more strong and apparent when we define it in a "universal" language that avoids bias and prejudice arising from our perceptions that other belief systems and cultures are different and are invading or converting our own belief system.  Our own perspective has wisdom and truth when it can take any other perspective and see its translation into our own, realizing our fundamental unity.

If you and I want to truly see this universal worldview, what our true freedom shows is that we can open our hearts and minds to any ideas that we perceive to be different or contradictory to our own set of principles and see how it translates into our own and realize that we do all have a universal worldview. The only difference is we express it in our diverse cultures and language.  When we open our hearts and minds to care and understand, the hope and promise is we will see this universal worldview.

The essence of the belief system that I have grown into and the NDE which I would call the"anomaly" of all belief systems (belief systems being only based on "faith") and non-theist convictions (the anomaly of scientific evidence of higher dimensions) has so far shown me our fundamental unity.

This what I call "universal perspective" has given me consistencies and meaning to any TED talk, news or any information that I have encountered so far.

This is the basis of my intuition that we can transform our world, if we all keep an open mind to understand and an open heart to care, and translate all these into concrete actions.

Here are some of the links to TED conversations that shows in one way or another our fundamental unity.


  1. "Our fundamental unity" resonates with me. I'm hooked. Thank you for starting this blog. I'll be taking a look around now...

  2. great post. How best to open source and decentralise ted so that it can run as a truly democratic organistioon? eg & PLUS Crowdsource video for all E.G.