The first principle is understanding our true human nature.  We are precious, worthy, important, conscious and God's children.  We have great intellect and good will.  This is the basis of our deep respect, true love, moral sense and impeccable humanism.

The second principle is understanding our true nature as happy, content and adventurous human beings.  Our current 'external' identity (our looks; intelligence, skill, career; our personal integrity, character or affiliations) is not the final basis of our true worth.  Our human interactions (relationships) in our journey to achieve our greatest potential are the means to constantly energize our hearts and minds and be truly happy, successful and content; the means to embark our lives as a great adventure that is strengthened by love, hope and trust.

The third principle is the importance of reinforcing our core powers to love, hope and trust in our cultural institutions: our families, churches, school, affiliations; our art, music, shows and poetry; our philosophies, debates and our ultimate and underlying unity.

The fourth principle is the importance of our educational institutions as a foundational endeavor to make our government and business systems work efficiently and effectively.  The avenue for both our academic and moral education; the catalyst to expand our scientific knowledge and progress our endeavors within and outside our planet, reinforced by our moral and cultural education.

The fifth principle is understanding our wealth and power and equating it with the power of our goodwill to transform our world by these core principles and applying the principles of freedom, justice and truth in keeping our government, business and institutions strong.

Note: this is not a definitive list or order of our principles.  All our principles, beliefs and convictions are expressed in our diverse perspectives but have an underlying unity among them.  It is our challenge to translate and contribute the power of our own principles in the language of our mutual interests and wield it as our power to transform our world.

         The vision of an energized heart and mind.  The super meme.

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