Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Challenge of Voyager: A Global Worldview to Rule our Nations

Recently, our space explorer the Voyager has just reported back that it is now crossing the last frontier of our solar system.  We are excited to have discovered that our solar system is being protected by a mesh of magnetic bubbles.  Our space missions are also delivering messages that we exist in this lonely corner of Orion Belt, orbiting around our Milky Way Galaxy.

If an alien were to discover us today, how will they reckon the state and power of our planet?  Obviously our capabilities are centuries away in enabling us to engage possible alien neighbors.  Many of us are not yet stepping out of our own worldview and recognize that we can have a common global worldview that can co-exist, progress and made strong by the dynamics of our diverse society, our diverse worldviews.

As scientists, do we have to abandon our religious beliefs if it can also harness our undefined power to love and hope?  Do we have to debate God's existence when all that matter is our shared concern for all people and our planet and that we can avoid the extreme power of our faith to harm other people (which is contrary to what God would have wanted for all his creation!)  Can we have a singular worldview that defines our common interests in a common language that deters personal bias?  Can we have singular worldview that can take any belief, any issue, any problem, any solution, any concern and see the meaning and relevance of all these and avoid many confusion and disharmony that plague us today?

Yes we can!  Americans have heard this before and it is indeed the deciding the power of our free nations as we see the growing worldview of independents powered by love, hope and clear scientific insights.  But much work still need to be done.  Many of us are still trapped in our personal prison and the prison of our own worldview.  We need to break out of our own paradigms and empower a greater paradigm that will move our world and make us ready to face other worlds that lie beyond our solar frontier. 

In the years ahead, we need to help escalate the power of the minds and hearts of 9 billion earth citizens making our planet ready to engage other solar systems beyond our 9 billion mile boundary and expand our global family into our galaxy and into our universe.

This is why today we need to translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.  Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and together we transform our world.

Discussed in TED Conversations.

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  1. Great writing Joe! The only criticism I offer is that you could have 5 or more exclamation marks instead of a question mark at the end of the parenthetical phrase "which is contrary to what God would have wanted for all his creation!!!!!" ;) I agree with what you've written.