Thursday, June 9, 2011

The State of Our World

The list of intergovernmental initiatives in which progress is halting or stalled outright is dismayingly long, including but not limited to:

United Nations climate change negotiations
World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda
Millennium Development Goal funding
G20 financial supervision reforms
Non-Proliferation Treaty reforms
UN Security Council reform
Bretton Woods institution voting reform
Macroeconomic cooperation to redress global economic imbalances

The world has paid a severe price for its complacency about systemic financial and macroeconomic risks that were well publicized but nevertheless allowed to accumulate for too long. Many other serious global risks are accumulating, awaiting a proactive cooperative response.

We live in a diverse society and naturally we cannot avoid the debates on the reasons and solutions to our big problems.  Our problems are so critical that many scientists seem to think only of scientific solutions.  Our spiritual leaders seems knowledgeable of the reasons but seems ineffective in implementing the right principles.  Our leaders are grappling for solutions seeming befuddled with the gargantuan systems that are evidently not working.  Meanwhile the enterprising spirit of our business is marching on seeming unconcerned with our people and earth in danger.  

In all we're not totally hopeless.  Our leaders still see our situation with great hope and optimism and we did achieve significant success from the previous state of our world in the past decades.  Our world is living in relative peace and that only means that we also did right in many ways somehow.  Many of our leaders are now sincerely working and looking for solutions and we are indeed making progress. 

Still, many of us remain worried when many leaders and scientists see also that we are still facing great risks that's why I believe that more efforts to right our planet can always be helpful.

We bring the power of our minds to bear on the problems nonetheless but is the power of our minds enough to solve our problems?   Why does the progress of many our intergovernmental initiatives is halting or stalled?  Is it not about time to bring the power of our hearts no matter how little it is scientifically understood?  Is it not about time our spiritual leaders who seem to be the experts on the moral science of our hearts help mobilize more people to make our system of government and businesses work right? (,

I believe we need the power of our hearts and minds to effectively transform our world.   We need to translate the power of our beliefs and scientific convictions into a common language of our common interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.

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