Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Converge Perceptions and Expand Awareness in Collaborations

The basic design of our society is first to aggregate our individual power in a strong singular voice we call our government and second, to progress our living systems in an economic power we call our business.  Perhaps there will always be gaps in the implementation of our ideals, hence our desire to form non-business and non-government organizations to help move our world into the right direction.

The NGOs is our inherent fail-safe systems but they are less structured than our government and business organizations.  NGO's are born out of our diversity and it is being enabled by the power and influence that we earn from putting up our economic systems.  It's core power also emanates from our human power to love, hope and trust. 

Hence the challenge today can also be looked at as the challenge of collaborations.  Collaborations to expand our awareness to such an extent that it touches other people's perception and converges into our own.  That is if we keep an open mind and an open heart to understand and to care for one another.   We may find some  meaning and ease in complaining and blaming but in the end all that is more worthwhile and meaningful are the steps we take to go beyond our comfort zone and realize that we are truly united.   All the ideals and principles that we are truly proud of speaks in the universal language of love, hope and trust in a system that is empowered my freedom, justice and truth.

There should be no debate about the truths in our lives.  Not in the wisdom of our faiths nor the truth of science.  Science is pervasive and it can explain a lot of things but not everything.  To relegate the primacy of science like a religion would fall into the same fallacy of ascribing it's undefined greatness into our limited perceptions like religious people ascribe the great power of our God into our limited perceptions.

It is easy to characterize our problems as a prophetic or evolutionary process.  The real challenge is to ignite our hearts and minds to transform our personal world and the systems of our global world.  Today is the day to converge our perceptions.  Today is the day to expand our consciousness with the power of our expanding collaborations.  Today is the day to build our legacy.

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