Monday, June 13, 2011

The Power of Simple Ideas to Transform our World

Confusion, unnecessary debates and arguments, cultural battles, disharmony, fragmentation, ineffectiveness, inefficiencies.  This is the net result of ideas and philosophies that needs to be translated and grounded in simple ideas that most people can understand, find meaning, relevance, enlightenment, harmony, unity, effectiveness and efficiencies.

Our Current Reality

We think to understand our world and we care to keep our world happily living in a society we all share.  We have the freedom of our cultural diversity enabled by our singular voice we call our government.

Our government is strengthened by justice and truth; guaranteeing our rights primarily provided by business who take from mother earth and provide for our needs.

Our reality today is a problem to many people, hence our desire to make it right.  We make it right by simply putting the principles to work - improve and increase understanding, elevate the power of our hearts to care and bring real happiness, and we make the government-business system to work right.

Is our Government complicated?

It is complex within its inner workings yet it works in a simple formula.  We the people live and socialize and in order for us to do this in large scale, we empower a government to ensure  that we are all happily living and socializing.  We empower the business and economy that makes it all possible in an earth-sustainably way.

We have attempted in our history to make the system (government-business) work and it had produced tainted concepts like communism, socialism, totalitarianism and even capitalism.  We attempted to use different equations but the basic formula is still the same.

Could Capitalism and Democracy work?

Capitalism and democracy is now our main system because this is the system that most closely resemble our human condition.  In this system we have the freedom to be happy and differ and produce the best ideas to progress our world, maintained by the principles of justice and truth.

Today even capitalism and democracy are being tainted by its failures.  But the failure is the result of failed implementation and not the principles.  The current profit model of our business does not work with our limited resources that is why we need to reformulate it to include equitability (in basic rights) and earth-sustainability.  We have to understand too that the rise of economic and political power is relevant  also in providing global security and stability and I think the developed nations are providing that today.

Achieving the Reality that We All Need

The developed nations have spearheaded a lot of our systemic progress but it is also showing signs of weakness because these nations have somehow deviated from the principles and failed to stimulate one key power that can transform our world.  We have missed  the need for more caring and content citizens - needs that deal with the essential dynamics of our heart, our love, our happiness and ultimately our minds. 

This is why today we need to translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world.  Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and together we transform our world.

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