Friday, June 17, 2011

Energize Our Routines and Transform Our World

To energize our routines, we ignite our hearts and minds!

There are many ways to do it or in special cases, it simply happens to us.  What many great people suggest are these:  We clear our mind of our current concerns and worries, we go to a secluded location (a quiet room or place) or see a very comforting sight (looking at our sleeping loved ones, the ocean, the meadows, the marvels of science and our universe,  etc.) then we summon, recall or feel empowered, or as a believer ask God's tremendous enlightenment of the true essence of our existence, our deep humanism, our drive to right the wrong around us;

Or read the autobiographies of great people or their TED talks and get inspired; and for some people from the daily mundane or sometimes tragic events of our lives to rise above it and feel empowered and inspired to embark on a mission; or watch an inspiring show or movie; and many other ways we can think of ...

In the same breath, we look at the problems around us and around the world and allow ourselves to be ignited by our aspirations and our ideals that will enable us to focus and contribute our current capabilities or further improve our abilities.  We contribute our pursuits to the lives of others and to our world which fulfill its true meaning in selfless service and impeccable humanism.

It's a total transforming paradigm. All our little worries and concerns can vanish and we can see the more important matters in life.  We will see our families and the world around us in a new perspective that can literally transform ourselves, our family, our community, and our global home that is now desperately crying for help.

The only limit to our great potential is the limiting belief we have of ourselves or the limiting opinion of others that we may be unknowingly consenting to.  In certain situations, we may need also to escape from the trap of our righteous minds living in the comfort our own groups that may have been blinding us from the truth of our mutual interests.  If our own righteous words or identity is causing bias and impairing our cooperation, then we may need to take a universal identity and a new language for our mutual interests.

There is a great dynamism in our true inner worth and capabilities, our struggles, our failures and our successes and the achievement of our greatest potential that makes our lives a great adventure.  This great adventure of life gives us the opportunity to carve our names and our deeds as a true and lasting legacy to our world and to our children!

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