My goal and my vision is to bring awareness to the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions and help ignite the power of our hearts and minds to transform our world.  This is not solely my idea, all of us know and own our true universal ideas.  My purpose is to advance the right ideas that many of us also believe to be true.  Our challenge is to join many of our fellow earth citizens who are now actively advancing the right ideas and are also contributing in transforming our world.

Our life is a great adventure that we all can embark We first transform our lives in our daily routines, holding on to our life stations. The same life but different outlook.  It's the outlook that our ignited hearts and minds see, the outlook that  energizes our relationships, our work, gradually expanding  into our global home.

Trusting our leaders today with our complex problems also requires an organized information and social network systems that reinforces our democratic principles of justice (accountability) and truth (transparency).  We attack our problems in all fronts: (1) Put out crises and avoid devastating risks (2) leaders formulate and implement a just political and economic system (3) leaders transform our industries (4) we the people participate and make our governments work and (5) we directly participate in our individual or collective capacities in transforming our world.

What I think we need to see also is an information system that shows the progress of all our efforts so that many of us can contribute in the part of our solutions that needs more focus.  With our digital world today, we have the power to do it.  On the web, on the day that we're hitting high the websites that are dedicated to transforming our world, that will be the day I believe that our work and our hope is standing on solid grounds.

I'm aware that my language may not appeal to all people, I am continually refining my website.  However, when you understand and agree with these ideas, my challenge to you is to translate and enhance it from your perspective and contribute it in a language that the people within the sphere of your influence can understand, and start igniting their hearts and minds.  When contributing our perspectives into our global world, we translate it in the universal language of our mutual interests.

We have a universal worldview that can take any belief, any issue, any problem, any solution, any concern and see the meaning and relevance of all these and avoid many confusion and disharmony that plague us today.

I believe that there is this great desire in all of us to see and work for a just and happy global home.  I care and love everyone as most of us do.  My wish is I have the biggest heart  and wealth in the world and care and love every single one of our brothers and sisters specially the children, the weak and the suffering ones.  Personally, I regard every single one of you as one of my dear friends.  I may not be the most influential or intelligent person in the world as you may deduce from my presentation, but as another human being in this tiny spot of the world (Hawaii Island) you can count me as one of your friends.

I have faith and hope and I trust you fellow earth citizens, my friends, that we can work together in the days ahead,  translating and contributing the power of our convictions, enjoying this great adventure of life, working for and seeing the clear vision of our legacy.  A legacy of a transformed, just and happy world.  A legacy that we all share and enjoy.  A legacy that we hand over to our children to enjoy.

The Vision of Our Transforming World

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