Monday, June 6, 2011

How do we improve our cooperation in solving our problems?

I think we should present our identity in a way that contributes to the formulation of our common goals and solutions to personal and world problems.

In our physical and personal interactions, we start with our core identities: we are a person of great worth (conscious human being), great intellect and good will. We affirm this to ourselves and to each other - this provides a strong foundation of our true respect, identity and worth. The difference between our core identities and what I call our external identities (educational level or skill level and reputation and integrity) provides opportunities for extending appreciation and encouragement to reach our greatest potential.

In the professional and work level, I believe we should avoid identities that cause other people to form a bias or wrong perception, specially in deverse groups and maybe less so within like-minded peers. We translate our 'controversial' identities (like God believers or non-believers) - our convictions in the language of our common interests and solutions. I believe this will greatly enhance our cooperation and success.

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