Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Second Option. Today is the Moment to Build Our True legacy

We acquire wealth first of all to fill our basic needs and rights - food, shelter, education, healthcare and security.  We gain power and influence from the system of government and business that we put up, primarily to take care of everybody.  Today we are not taking care of everybody and our planet and these are our problems.

The Second Option

We have two options.  The First Option is we maintain or continue to increase our wealth and power and make sure we are provided with our basic rights and security, be happy within our family circle, friends, community or nation.  The Second Option is we use the power of our wealth and influence and carve our names in the legacy of our transformed happy world.

We are humans and it is without question that we choose the second option.  But sometimes questions and confusions linger and we choose to be comforted in the lure of the first option.  We may need to clarify our roles, our system and our ultimate goal to be truly happy.

Our Roles and our Powers

The role of the system of government and business as empowered by people is to take care of everybody.  The main role of our educational institutions is to enable the system to function and function more effectively and efficiently.  The main role of our cultural institutions is to preserve and enhance our core powers to love, hope and trust, and in faith cultures, alongside the goal of bringing our souls into the paradise.

We look at our jobs today and we realize that they are all important because no matter how insignificant we think it is, it is contributing in this order of roles.  When we don't realize the importance of our individual jobs, we contribute to our problems.  We don't have to.  Our jobs are always meaningful.  We can even take simultaneous different roles to make our world a better place to live.  The most important work that we can also do today is exercising the power of our wealth and influence to right our planet.

The power of our hearts and minds to love, hope and trust are the principles that makes us happy.  Our power to love, hope and trust is also our power to make our system function in the principles of freedom, justice and truth.

Today even the first option does not seem to work well in our developed nations.  We have missed  the need for more caring and content citizens - needs that deal with the essential dynamics of our heart, our love, our happiness and ultimately our minds.  Needs that when met, will channel our resources to help transform our nation and our world.

We choose the Second Option to Transform Our World

Today we have the opportunity to invest our wealth, power and influence to enhance our power to love, hope and trust and strengthen our systems.  Today is our chance to carve our names in the legacy of a just and happy world.

In the years ahead, we need to help escalate the power of the minds and hearts of 9 billion earth citizens making our planet ready to engage other solar systems beyond our 9 billion mile boundary and expand our global family into our galaxy and into our universe.

Within nations and our world, we need to help translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world. Today we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our minds and together we transform our world.

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