Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What motivates you? What makes you happy?

I am deeply motivated when I'm loved unconditionally. I am loved unconditionally when I'm loved because of (1) my core identity as someone of great worth, importance, of great value (as conscious human being); (2) my core identity as someone of great intellect; and (3) my core identity as someone of good will.

I don't feel happy and motivated when I am loved because of my external identities - the way I look, the way I talk, my education, my current behavior or my affiliations, my wealth and power or the lack of it. These identities change and when the love that I receive is based on these then I know that this kind of love will not last, it will not make me truly happy. When I am secure of my inner worth then it's easier for me to understand the level of appreciation and recognition (or the lack of it) that my current external identities deserve. It is easier for me to improve myself to my greatest potential.

I believe that all human beings are essentially the same in their core identities. We are only different by the extent that our core intellect and good will is maximized to its greatest external identities. The people that inspire and motivate me are the ones that have achieved their greatest intellectual potential and at the same time contributed their good will to many people.

Some people maximized their greatest intellectual capacities and amass great wealth but not at the same level as their good will. It is motivating for me to know nonetheless that I can provide for my basic needs and can have the joy and happiness that my family and my friends we each provide in our relationships.

I realize also that I'm part of a global family with members that could not even afford basic necessities. I have hope and motivation to help my global family knowing that we the people have the power to motivate more people in transforming our system of government and business into an equitable and sustainable global home.

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