Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have you reinvented yourself to reinvent the world?

What if we wake up one day and care to know what's happening in our planet earth and after doing basic research and knowing that our world is in crisis, will we have the desire to reinvent ourselves and our world? What if there are many more people like us realizing the dire state of our world and therefore willing to help. Where do we channel our desire to effectively move our world into an equitable, sustainable and happy global home? 

I believe the fundamental problem is the shortage of energized hearts in our globe. We only have enough energized hearts to make our world comfortable to many people but for how long? How about the rest of our global family? How about the future? Truly energized, happy and content hearts can only be powered by our relationships - our beliefs, our family, relatives, friends and co-workers. We energize each other by affirming our core identity as someone of great worth (as conscious human beings), great intellectual capacity and intrinsic good will. 

We continue to energize others by helping each other aspire to their full potential - we appreciate each others' accomplishments and improvements of our external identities - our looks, education and moral integrity. Our hearts are made to be happy and as long as we feed our hearts with false form of happiness, we will not last. But we don't have to. We have our family, relatives and friends. We have our hearts. We can start giving our love, we can start energizing hearts.

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