Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is the true measurement of success?

I believe true success is first measured by how well we are trained in the principle of unconditional love or real love. When we know how to give and receive real love, then we are satisfying the deep need of our hearts to be happy. Our true happiness is not based on our wealth and power or the lack of it. We are successful because our heart is constantly energized by our relationships - the only true source of success and happiness.

Wealth and power is just an external identity that is connected to the system of government and business that we empower to take care of our fellow human beings. But even on this level, when one is in the position of power and wealth and realize and work on the true purpose of this position - to take care of the bigger family (all the people being served), no words would describe the joy that would go back to that person of power and wealth with the multitude of love and respect received back from the people that are served well.

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