Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How can we have a world that lives in liberty, justice and truth?

I think justice means giving someone or people what they are due.  Our world today as it is has many problems and injustice is everywhere even within developed nations  (See,,

There are many people from all over the world that are aware of our global problems and are now contributing into transforming our world into a more just and equitable global home.  But because many problems still persist, we need more people to help transform our world.  We need everyone to maintain our fragile peace and contribute in transforming our world.

Our world today is closely inter-connected that we the people of the world deserve a distinct earth citizenship that along with it goes our basic rights of food, shelter, education, healthcare and security, together with our basic moral rights of freedom, justice and truth.  We empower the government to take care of our large global family, we empower businesses to take from mother earth and provide for our needs.  We now need to transform these systems to equitably take care of everybody.

But how will each of us help transform our global home starting from where we are today?  There is no quick solution but what we need is a transformation.  First we maintain our work stations - we keep turning the wheels of the industries, we maintain our government and economic systems, we avoid the global risks that may further weaken our global home.  While doing all these, we transform ourselves and the systems of our world, we transform our world into an equitable and sustainable global home.

What I believe is the key for transforming our world is the power of our energized loving hearts.  When our hearts are energized, when our hearts are truly loving and caring then it powers the rest of our faculties - our power to trust and hope, our power to seek the truth and justice.

How can many people understand the power of energized loving hearts?  Most of us  can see or imagine the picture of happy family life.  We know that what makes this family happy is the loving care of parents towards their children.  The hearts of our parents are constantly energized by the love that they share with each other.  The only kind of love though that will sustain our parents and our family is unselfish love - unconditional love, real love.  The love that we can give one another without expecting anything in return.  The love whose only desire is the happiness of the other person. This is the only kind of love that can truly satisfy the deepest need of our hearts to be happy.  After empowering our families and friends with this love, we then give it to our global family.  We give it in our political mandates, we give it in our economic choices.

Why is our heart the key to transforming our world?  I believe that our heart is designed to love and our love is designed to make other hearts loved and happy.  We do this in our relationships and whoever gives true love receives the same kind of love and happiness also.   

When our heart is used other than to love, we have problems.  When our love is used other than to make other hearts happy, we have problems.  When we stop loving altogether, we have big problems.  When our heart and our love is misused, we are not happy and it weakens our  powers to hope and trust, and it brings out our weaknesses - we can lie, we can steal and we can kill. 

We empower our governments to provide for our security and protect us from our very own weaknesses but would not it be easier for people and government to enhance the power of our hearts to love instead?  When more hearts are energized, we eliminate our excesses and wastes, we improve our efficiencies, we transform our world.

Most people of the world grew up in different beliefs and people believed in their hearts that this belief is what will bring them true happiness in this earthly life and to the life after death.  I don't wish to debate the merits of any religion but what I believe we should  agree to be concerned about is how do we direct the power of our beliefs and convictions in helping us live a very happy life here on earth?  A happy life for ourselves and for the entire people here on earth.  How can our beliefs empower the very key of our survival - the power of our energized loving hearts?  

Our scientific discoveries are always important but when the hearts of people are not also fed with true love, it will not matter what our great minds would have achieved if our good will, if our hearts are starving.

There are many powers in our world that are beyond our knowledge and control - the unknown "dark" matter and energy, quantum forces and inner dimensions of our existence.  We are just one planet among the trillions of planets in the galaxies and our universe.  Yet what matters most and what we know and can control today is the power of our hearts to right our own planet.

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