Sunday, June 5, 2011

A possible solution to poverty and world hunger. Venus Project. Global Redesign Initiative.

I like many of the ideas of Venus Project.  It helps to create a clear vision of our future that most people can picture and work on.  In the current state of the world today, I am also concerned on how we are going to resolve our crises and at the same time transform our world to an ideal world like the Venus Project envisions.  According to the, the efforts of the UN needs more speed and cooperation and we need to transform our WWII era institutions.  The forum had initiated a Global Redesign Initiative worked on by top leaders of business and government and they identified that one key driver of transformation is "Hope".  The Venus Project could bring more hope and more help from people. (,

I think what most people are realizing right now is to enhance the power of our hearts and minds to hope and work for solutions.  I believe that by energizing and directing the power of our hearts and minds, it can have a positive fundamental impact to our world today.  It will eliminate a lot of waste, improve our efficiencies and help transform our world. 
What  is the common idea that most people would understand could help transform our world?  It's the power of our hearts to love and be happy.  Think of the state of a heart that is in love.  When we are truly in love, we are highly inspired and motivated.  We can energize more people, we turn our hopes and trusts in delivering the right political mandates, join the reform movements and help influence our systems to transform in our economic choices (buying habits). 
How can we have a critical number of people with energized hearts that can transform our world?   Everyone have a heart and the way to energize our heart is to stimulate it with the force of love that will keep it loving and energized.  It is like the forces that keeps powering the particle and galactic systems.  We give the force.  We give our love.  But not just any kind of love.  We give our true love, our unconditional love.

True love is loving one another the way our heart is designed to love and make us happy.  When our heart is used other than to love another person (we love things, we hate), we have problems and we are not happy.  When our love is used other than to make other hearts happy (we love with conditions, we are buying our love, love is transactional - there is no real love), we have problems and we are not truly happy.  When our heart is unloved and unhappy, we have problems. (we don't want to be sad, we buy our happiness) .  When we stop loving altogether, we have big problems (we don't care, we are selfish).  When our heart and our love is misused, we are not happy and it brings out our weaknesses - we don't care, we can lie, we can steal and we can destroy.

We don't have to be sad, we don't have to be weak.  We have our love, we have our relationships, we have our family, relatives and friends.  Our global family needs help.  We can start giving our love, we can start energizing hearts, we can start inspiring minds.  We have the power to hope and trust.  We have the power to reinvent and innovate.  We have the power to transform our world.

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