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The Power to Transform our World
(Updated 05-24-2011)

What is happening in my life today? What is happening in my family? My neighborhood? My community? My Country? My Planet Earth?  Yes we always hear that we should first improve from within but what kind of power it takes to transform my personal world?  What kind of power all earth citizens can channel to transform our global world?  Can we have a bright future ahead of us?

A Happy and Simple Family Life

We have a family. We have a home, we have food, we live. Parents go to work. Parents teach our children how to give unconditional love. Children are sent to school to know how life works and earn an education so they can work and socialize. In our family, as we give our love unconditionally it makes us really happy, and when we receive an unconditional love it makes us even happier. We love even more and the love spreads.  Many families learn how to love unconditionally from their family traditions, beliefs (churches), convictions, ideologies, personal experiences and experiences of others and for some from their near-death experiences.

We socialize with our neighbors, we enjoy life. We continue to give unconditional love and the grown-ups form a new family and the children are born. My family is happy, my neighbors are happy, we live in peace. We trust each other and we hope that after we die, we had left the world with our new happy families living in peace.

What is Unconditional Love?

Loving unconditionally means affirming someone's core essence and giving our love and appreciation without expecting anything in return.  We look at the person, separate that person's core essence of intellect, good will and great worth as a conscious being, we separate these intrinsic presence from their current status - the looks, affiliations, competence and perceived reputation.  Recognize and affirm this person's core presence - that this person is of great worth and very important, that this person is innately a good person and then express sincerely that you love and care for this person and the only reason you are doing this is because you want this person to be happy.  This is what we call deep love and respect.  

Then for any achievement and improvement you notice in this person you give your deep appreciation, a short positive comment, a simple note.  If this person has any need that you can fill, give it without expecting anything in return.  These are the only kind of love that satisfies the deepest desire of our hearts to be happy.  A person affirmed, a love given freely and a love freely given back.

When our love is given with conditions (the expected value given back to you for giving your love) the happiness that we experience is based on that value.  When this value is no longer available, then our happiness is gone.  We are living in a kind of love that is an imitation of the unconditional love, the real love.  Imitation love is temporary, it does not satiate our deep need for unconditional love. 

Unconditional love is as essential as any of our needs to live, like water, like air.  All our frustrations, our anger and its ripple effects in our behavior and the behavior of other people is a result of ourselves lacking unconditional love, lacking a deep and satisfying happiness.

What Does Most Family Life Looks Like?

Many of our families today have problems! Why? because we can stop giving our love unconditionally. When we stop giving our love unconditionally we start giving our love with conditions, then our love weakens, then we stop giving love. We stop trusting each other and we feel hopeless. We become selfish, we lie, we steal and when we despair and our hearts is filled with hatred, we destroy each other. We are hurting each other and we are not happy. But our heart is meant to be happy so we substitute our need for happiness with illegal drugs and other apparent forms of happiness.   

When a family falls apart, what happens to the children?  They suffer the most.  We help the suffering children by forming another family or form a different kind of family like single parents, grandparents or relatives taking over as parents, in adoptions, or orphanages.  As our families and our children grow, life gets harder and when we are not constantly renewed with the power of unconditional love, many children are left at the wayside brought up deficient in true happiness that only an unconditional love can give.  Our children may have earned a formal education or acquired a particular skill but if they are lacking training in unconditional love, they will have a hard time dealing with the deep emptiness in their hearts, in their own selves and in their relationships.  

We can still survive somehow because of the spark of the romantic love that make us love unconditionally.  Romantic love helps us form a family but if this romantic love is not constantly recharged with the power of unconditional love, it can hardly weather the difficult challenges of life.  The cycle of children growing deficient in unconditional love just keeps on going.  This has fundamental impact on the way our world looks today.

Imagine the impact of the unconditional love we give to our family today - our father, our mother, our sister, our brother, our son, our daughter, to our relatives, to our friends, co-workers and even to a stranger.  We look at them in the eye and clearly affirm their core nature - that they are of great worth, they are intelligent, they are good-natured, they matter, they are important and then tell them that we love and care for them and the only thing we wish from them is their true happiness.  We hold their hands, we pat them in the back, we shake their hands firmly, we hug them, we kiss them.  We genuinely appreciate their accomplishments and their efforts, we inspire them to aspire to their full potential and we give them any help that our own personal resources can provide, all without expecting anything in return.  

No matter how our lives look today, we can always infuse any place any time the power of unconditional love.  If we don't feel we are capable of giving unconditional love then we first learn to give unconditional love to ourselves.  We look at ourselves in the mirror and do the same process until we are energized enough to give it to others.  We just do it and we will see the magic happens, energizing hearts around us and around the world.

Understanding How Our National and Global Family Works

We have a big and growing family - our relatives, neighbors, the state, our nation, our global home. We develop, empower and trust a system of government so that all earth citizens can have a home,  food, healthcare, education, work and protection from our very own weaknesses. We develop, empower and trust a system of businesses so that it can take from mother earth and provide for our needs. The business make money out of our purchases, they earn a profit, accumulate it and re-invest it in improving their own business or invest in other business that cares for all earth citizens.  

We pay all the taxes to our government.  We pay taxes based on the income we earn and we pay taxes through our purchases.  When we buy a product, the price includes the tax that the business pays to the government.  We can have a big family because we empower a system of government and business that provide for our needs. We are the government because we empower it. The businesses exist because we empower it. We empower and direct this system so that all earth citizens are supposed to be living in peace and very happy.

The Real Global Family Life

But do we know that we have serious problems?  According to the United Nations and other sources, over twenty two thousand (22,000) of our children die every day.  Over 900 of our children die every hour, or 15 every minute.  A child dies every 4 seconds in our global family today, every single day!  The reasons our children are dying are the ones we have the power to prevent like poverty, hunger and easily preventable diseases and illnesses.

Almost half the world — over three billion earth citizens — live on less than US$2.50 a day.  Look around our family, our neighbors, look around our global home, search the internet and we can see that we are empowering our governments and businesses in a system that causes extreme human crisis, great economic risks, unsustainable use of our mother earth, and a system that leaves us unprepared for devastating natural disasters. Our system is causing great inequalities and many of us are not living in peace. Many of us are not happy.

We have problems because too many fellow earth citizens are not giving their love unconditionally. Many of our fellow earth citizens are helping and giving their unconditional love and care today but the problems still persist, growing and some problems getting more critical because many more of us have stopped caring, many have stopped trusting, many have stopped hoping.   

Imagine developing a unified information and political social network infrastructure to help guide our reform movements and our transition into an economic system that is equitable and sustainable.  Imagine how the hearts of our fellow earth citizens can be moved to help and to hope by having a clear understanding of our problems and of our core power to transform our world.

The Global Effect of Scarce Unconditional Love

Our tax money spent for ensuring our global security is over fifteen hundred (1500) billion US dollars (1.5 trillion USD). This amount does not include the cost of our justice and local law-enforcement systems.  This is huge and it is growing because many of us have stopped giving our love unconditionally. When our love is weak we become selfish, we lie, we lie about being happy in illegal drugs and other apparent forms of happiness, we steal, we don't trust, we despair and ultimately we kill and destroy. We bring ourselves to work as law enforcers and engage our scientific minds in developing control mechanisms so that we minimize and prevent the worst effects of ourselves not giving unconditional love. 

Imagine the collective impact of many citizens loving and caring unconditionally. Imagine how many of us will it take to reduce our spending by forty (40) billion U.S. dollars, enough to provide for the weakest citizens among us, or by giving directly our resources to our citizens living in extreme poverty and extreme injustice.

The growing inequalities and unsustainable use of our mother earth is also a result of ourselves not giving our love unconditionally. We are not giving our unconditional love and care when we don't make sure that the system of government and business that we empower care for every member of our global family.  We don't care when we don't help deliver a clear mandate to our political leaders. We don't care also when we don't make our economic choices (like a simple act of buying a product) help influence businesses to transform their systems . We don't care when we do not participate in our election process, join our fellow earth citizens' movements or contact directly our political representatives and deliver our clear mandates.

When we don't care to deliver a clear mandate, we leave our system running into the wrong direction - capital investments are not used wisely to serve our basic rights of food, shelter, healthcare, education, work and security. Capital investments are not used aggressively and widely to protect our mother earth. Imagine what a strong mandate would do in bringing a unified strategic transformation of our systems. Imagine what would businesses do when their consumers are demanding for products marked as equitably contributing to the welfare of our fellow earth citizens and caring for mother earth.

When we don't care to deliver a clear mandate, our weak system is breeding illegal trade valued at the staggering amount of over thirteen hundred million U.S. dollars (1.3 trillion USD). Impossible? Imagine what the dynamic combination of the following factors could do (1) illegal drugs and most of the "apparent happiness" businesses (2) corrupt administrators (those we empower but we are careless to hold accountable) (3) organized crime (4) weaknesses in our global economic system and (5) a mixture of unloved, unhappy, poor and uneducated fellow earth citizens. These fellow earth citizens came from our homes.  

Imagine giving our unconditional love to our families and close relations and to a lot of strangers wandering aimlessly. We do these concretely by giving them our economic support, deep appreciation and genuine care.  We give them our unconditional love.

When we don't care to deliver a clear mandate, we are served with products that are using mother earth unsustainably; our scientific knowledge is lacking and preparations are inadequate in avoiding devastating natural disasters; our students are not educated and guided enough to design, discover, innovate and improve our systems.

The Secret Power to Transform Our World

Imagine what our unconditional love can do in inspiring the minds and energizing the hearts of our children to do better than we do now and change our world to a better place, our children's place. Imagine our children unlocking the great potentials from the deeper understanding of inter-molecular and quantum forces. Imagine what places we can go to grow our earth family with the expanding reach of our space explorations.

Imagine what our world looks like after we have infused more unconditional love into our family, relatives and friends and even to strangers. Imagine contributing and translating the power and language of our beliefs, convictions and ideologies into the principles of unconditional love, hope and trust. We may still have our personal weaknesses, but we would have put in place effective healing measures. Imagine leaving a shared legacy and a shining vision of our children living happily and in peace in our new global home of tomorrow!

Fellow earth citizens let us understand, refine, expound, translate and spread these ideas.  Ideas that will improve our own lives, work efficiencies and push our transformations.  Today we give our unconditional love.  Today we energize our fellow earth citizens.  Today we energize our world.  Today we transform our world.

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